Food waste management with Wastewatchers.
Save time and costs with our sustainable solution.

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Monitor your food waste completely automatically, no additional software required, we offer an OS plug-in that connects to your existing systems
Make smarter choices that reduce your food waste and also (purchasing) costs
Real-time impact measurements and reports for optimal insight into food losses, cost savings and, for example, CO2 reduction

Helping food service companies with reducing their food waste with deep tech since 2016.

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Analyse your Point Of Sales data.

Based on POS-data we can analyze your food waste and report it back.

Insights in food waste management

Save 20% of food waste with valuable insights and information of your food waste.

Scalable solutions against low prices

Integrated within two weeks. No extra hard- or software is required.


We are currently helping 200 clients in the Netherlands to combat food waste

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Our story

Thomas Luttikhold is the founder of Wastewatchers. After Thomas had written his graduation thesis on food waste in 2013, the idea for Wastewatchers was born. The findings from his research gave so much insight into the potential of the impact companies can make, both in terms of sustainability and the economic benefits for companies. Nowadays Wastewatchers helps chefs and companies to reduce their food waste on average with 20%.

In 2017, Wastewatchers was awarded a European prize, the Refresh EU Food Solution Contest. An award created by the European Union for companies that offer the best solutions against food waste.


To help companies to reduce their food waste with our knowledge and technology.

Every year we ask more from our earth than it can give, slowly depleting it. Food waste plays an important role in this, with major ecological and economic consequences.


A more efficient food system that makes food waste a thing of the past.

The world population continues to grow, which also increases the demand for food. While our earth can't give more food than she gives us right now. This makes food even more valuable, so we need to stop wasting it.


50% minder voedselverspilling in 2030.

Secretly we raise the bar a little higher and are only satisfied when we have been able to reduce at least 50% by 2030.

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