Result in the reduction of food waste.

Dutch organisations who provide food and beverage waste over €1 billion of good food every year. This waste has an huge impact on the financial results of companies, but also on our environment. We find this incomprehensible.

We are Wastewatchers. An enthusiastic group of young people who fight food waste. Together with (company) cafeterias, hotels and hospitals we fight food waste at the root of the problem. We know how to reduce food waste preventively. We do this by:

  1. Measuring is knowing. And to measure you need a tool. Wastewatchers developed their own anti-food waste tool. You can find more information under ‘our tool’. 
  2. Data analysis. Wastewatchers performs price winning (big) data research on the existence of food waste. This results in: trends, benchmarks and eating- & spoiling paterns of consumers. 

We do this because we are convinced that there is no room left for food waste in the world of tomorrow. 

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