Why Wastewatchers chooses for an anonymous application procedure

Why is it often important when applying what your name is, what you look like and where you come from? And less important what you can do, what your ambitions are and how motivated you are?

Two questions that kept me busy the past weeks, as Wastewatchers is now hiring. After consulting the WW-team, we have decided to choose an anonymous application procedure.  

This may be a bit unusual and may take some explanation. Therefore, I’m declaring in this article how it works and why we have chosen for this procedure.

How it works step 1 – send a CV without personal details

Of course we want to receive your CV, but be aware. We don’t want to receive personal details. So no name, no photo, no birhtplace, no sex, no nationality and no age. If this is on your CV, an intermediary will filter it out, after which we only see a blueprint of your education, experience and performance.

How it works step 2 – send a motivation letter, but again a bit different

We find it heartwarming that everybody is motivated, is passionate and found their match with our company. Though, we actually assume that this is self-evident if you respond.

We dare you to write a passionate motivation letter about … Yourself! What are your motives? What gets you out of bed each morning? And what impact would you like to have on this earth?

Of course we are looking for someone who has the skills to do the job, but motivation, ambition and eagerness are just as important to us. Maybe even more important. So focus on the latter in your motivation letter.

Why did we choose an anonymous application procedure?

We can state it is 2021 and we are at a time where we may strive for an inclusive society with equal rights, but our motives are partly different. We think that this procedure will give us the best result and that it will be a win-win situation for us as a company and for the people we are looking for.

The Wastewatchers team is .. let’s say . quite white, male and Western European. Something that does happen quickly in a country like the Netherlands, especially in IT. Though, not something we take for granted and also something we would like to challenge.

We are aware of the fact that we probably are subconsciously affected by our environment and background, which can affect the application procedure.

Something we see as a possible hazard for finding the right person. What if we filter out our perfect candidate because we are not selecting on skills and motivation, but on less telling ‘properties’ like name and origin?

We seek somebody who will stand with us shoulder to shoulder. Who wants to make the world a better place and who is determined to make an impact. It is hard to capture these properties in an application profile. That doesn’t work, we have to consciously look at the right click with the right person.

Equal chances for company and person

Therefore, we want to increase the chances of finding the perfect candidate, to prevent filtering out talent with meaningless properties and to offer as large a group as possible a chance.

We see the anonymous application as the best way to find the perfect person, and maybe to find you.

‘What if I think I’m your new college?’

Is this your call? Please send your CV and motivation letter without personalia to the email address stated in the relevant vacancy.

Your response will be received by intermediary Ilja, who helps Wastewatchers in this quest. He checks the responses and sends them without personal details to the Wastewatchers team. We check for skill, ambition and eagerness.

Of course you will leave your email address and preferably your telephone number when sending your documents. Otherwise Ilja can not communicate with you.

If we think there is a match? Then you will be invited to the ‘blind application’. Ilja will invite you to a meet up with founder Thomas. I only know your CV and motivation letter which you’ve sent, so basically I still don’t know who you are.

How exciting is that? Normally applicants are very nervous, but I assume the roles are equal now or even reversed. Even though I find it extremely exciting, I look forward to meeting you and I am really excited.

See you soon!

Contact us

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact Wastewatchers. We would like to hear from you and we try to react as soon as possible.