We strive to stop food waste, to change the system and we invite everybody to collaborate!

Monitor your food waste completely automatically, no additional software required, we offer an OS plug-in that connects to your existing systems
Make smarter choices that reduce your food waste and also (purchasing) costs
Real-time impact measurements and reports for optimal insight into food losses, cost savings and, for example, CO2 reduction

Since 2016 we have been fighting together with governments and companies to stop food waste.

our achievements


0 KG of food has been saved


0 euros (purchasing) costs saved


0 KG CO2 emissions reduced

Our solutions to reduce food waste


We focus on changing behavior and therefore we focus on chefs and kitchen staff. We support them by sharing our expertise and to empower them to make a difference in handling food waste.
+ Workshops
+ Trend tours
+ Inspiration sessions
+ Project development


To measure is to know. To tackle the problem of waste we developed easy to use online tools to collect valuable knowledge and insights about food waste.
+ Quickscan
+ Periodic measurements
+ Continuous (real-time) measurements
+ Predictive algorithms


We analyse (food waste) data of each location individually to reveal certain food waste patterns or certain consumer behaviour to provide valueable insights.
+ Concept change
+ Innovation
+ Technical solutions


We put theory into practice in a comprehensible manner and inform and support any kitchen team by giving them the right tools to improve the way of handling leftovers.
+ Monthly reports
+ Assistance
+ Positive incentives

How it works

Wastewatchers in three steps
  • 1
    POS connection

    In most business cafetaria food waste is registered on the cash desk. We connect to the POS system to collect all the information needed to start preventing food waste. With this connection chefs aren't fed up with more (new) tasks.

  • 2
    Monthy reporting

    Chefs receive automatically a monthly report via the mail or via a desired system by which Wastewatchers can connect with. The chef can rely on easy-to-understand reports that will help to take the necessary actions to reduce or even avoid food waste.

    See an example
  • 3

    A realistic goal is agreed with each location that is monitored monthly with our help. Unachieved goals are enriched with additional help and thus facilitate the anticipated goal and the handling of food waste.

Alternatives to the POS connection

We always strive to make a POS connection, because this takes less amount of time of all parties. In case a POS connection isn't possible we offer two alternatives.

Importing monthly cash desk reports

At the end of each month we request a data dump of last month which we can import into the Wastewatchers tooling.

Manually input

Via the Wastewatchers tooling it is possible to monitor products on daily base. This alternative requires five minutes a day.

Feature updates

Developments you may expect from Wastewatchers
API calls

Currently we communicate with chefs via mail. As Wastewatchers is an OS plug-in it can connect with current used software. This connection can be made with API calls or a FTP connection.

Insights for and by chefs

As we strive to be as relevant as possible we always redevelop our tools. Together with chefs in focus groups we improve our (commucation)tools and reporting.

AI and ML

The best answer to prevent food waste is to predict the future. If chefs know how many visitors they may expect and what they are going to buy, they can optimalize their mise en place. Our first generation will be operational in 2021.

We are currently helping 120 organizations in the Netherlands to combat food waste

together with


Our strategic partners


Wageningen University & Research


Hotelschool The Hague


Foundation ‘Together Agains Food Waste’

Our story

Thomas Luttikhold is the founder of Wastewatchers. The idea arose after Thomas wrote his graduation thesis on food waste in 2013. The findings from his research provided so much insight into the potential of the impact you can make, both in terms of sustainability and the economic benefits for businesses, that Wastewatchers was founded.

In 2017, Wastewatchers was awarded a European prize, the Refresh EU Food Solution Contest. An award created by the European Union for companies that offer the best solutions against food waste.


To help companies and governments to stop food waste with our technology and knowledge.

Each year we demand more from the earth than it can give, slowly exhausting it. Food waste plays an important role in this, with major ecological and economic consequences.


We assume that within two generations food waste will be a thing of the past, due to more efficiënt food chain.

The world population continues to grow, which also increases the demand for food. The earth and the resources it produces can't grow in proportion to this demand. This makes food even more valuable so we have to stop wasting it.


Following UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 and reduce 50% of food waste before 2030.

Secretly we set the bar a little higher and we are only really satisfied when we have been able to stop more than half of the food waste before 2030.